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LAWRENCE, Ind. — In this epic battle of man versus food, food won by a wide margin.

Kyle Inskeep was reporting on the Lawrence 4th Fest on CBS4 This Morning when he tried some blazing hot wing sauce Friday.

It was a little too much for the morning reporter as he previewed the chicken wing eating competition with the Lawrence Police Department and Lawrence Fire Department.

“Oh my gosh,” Kyle said, contorting his face as the heat hit him. “Guys, I’m going to send it back to you in the studio because I need some water ASAP.”

“Oh… woo… ” he said, still struggling to talk. “My water bottle!” He chugged down in hopes of finding relief.

“Kyle Inskeep live… for now,” said anchor Tim Doty from the safe confines of the CBS4 studio. “Good thing he’s got the fire department there to put out those flames.”