Nonprofit making sure Noblesville students are ‘Fueled for School’

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NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — This Monday on Pay it Forward, we’re highlighting a group of Noblesville teachers who have taken it upon themselves to make sure their students are fed, outside the classroom.

“Fueled for School” is made up of about 10 volunteers and provides meals for students, when they aren’t in class. Volunteers say this allows Noblesville families to focus on other priorities.

“There’s so many other things they have to worry about, if it means car payment or rent. You know, it just takes a little something off their plate,” said Fueled for School Vice President Sharin Scalzo.

The nonprofit Is run by Noblesville teachers and staff who realized there were students in their classes who were not having proper meals at home.

Since 2017, Fueled for School has been packing meals to send home to feed these kids throughout the weekend and on school breaks.

“In our fall break box, we sent out 40 pounds of food per box. It will look fairly the same over the winter break. So we are also going to try and throw in some things like gloves, hats–things that are often a problem for families,” said Scalzo.

During the height of the pandemic, Fueled for School was feeding about 400 Noblesville students. That number has since dropped to about 200 a week.

Right now, volunteers say they are gearing up to send home winter beak meal packs to keep students full during their time off.

If you want to donate or volunteer, click here.

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