Noblesville teacher teaches young girls self confidence

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NOBLESVILLE, Ind. – An elementary school teacher is offering a program so that she can teach young girls how to build self esteem and confidence.

Melissa Jones said she lost her sense of self at a young age.

“For me, growing up, I had a hard time with confidence and even though I had supportive parents, I just didn’t know how to do it,” she said.

Jones moved to a new school and admittedly stopped taking care of herself, which made her doubt her self-worth.

“As I got older, I learned these tools in just helping myself feel good and I thought, why not pass that on to the girls,” she explained.

Jones created “The Girls Positivity Club.” In it, she coaches young girls how to think positive, maintain friendships, and be courageous.

“We make art, we make visuals, we cook. We’re making courage cookies today. We have made cupcakes, we have made kindness rocks,” Jones listed.

Several of the girls who have joined the Girls Positivity Club spoke with CBS4.

“I was always scared that people didn’t like me and people would make fun of me for who I want to be,” 5th grader Ariana Tolson said.

“When I was little, I really had no confidence in myself,” 5th grader Lucy Myers told CBS4. “I really wanted to do a lot of things, but I never thought anybody would like me.”

Jones is now looking to expand her idea nationwide.

National studies have shown 70 percent of girls don’t feel good enough in some way, whether that’s in school or compared to others. Medical experts believe a girl’s confidence starts to dwindle by age eight. Often, it falls by about 30 percent. At age 14, doctors say girls can hit an all-time low.

Jones has several programs available, including a six-week or twelve-week membership. She also offers individual coaching.

You can find out more information about the Girls Positivity Club here.

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