INDIANAPOLIS – The Better Business Bureau is sending out a warning about a scam that targets job seekers who are eager to land their next gig.

The “resume formatting” scheme works when a headhunting company contacts you saying they found your information on LinkedIn or some other job post website.  They say you would be perfect for a good job they are trying to fill and ask for your résumé.  After you send your résumé, they reply and say it isn’t properly formatted for their applicant tracking system. That’s when they direct you to a website where you can get it reformatted.  That’s where you have to start entering your personal information and pay a fee for the reformatting service.  

Unfortunately, it’s all a scam, and the job doesn’t even exist.

To protect yourself from this, the BBB says you should research the job offer yourself. Go to the company’s website or call them directly to ask about the job opening instead of relying on the third party headhunter.  You should also investigate the headhunter by searching for their company website to see if they are mentioned in any scam reports.

The BBB also says you should never pay to get a job. If anyone says paying for a résumé formatting or anything else will guarantee you a position, that’s a good sign of fraud.

And always guard your personal information. Scammers often say they need your payment, information or bank details to fix your résumé, or to set up direct deposit before you have even been interviewed.  Those are also common red flags.

In general, the BBB suggests formatting your résumé with traditional and simple fonts, avoiding too many flashy colors and characters. That will make it more likely to be accepted by most employers.

The Better Business Bureau has more tips like this on their website