Local mom and Colts’ marketing VP brings hope to others fighting cancer

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Last week, Lindy Thackston, of our partner station FOX59, announced to viewers she would be going into surgery to get rid of a cancer spot on her lung. It’s Lindy’s second bout with cancer after being diagnosed with and beating colorectal cancer last year.

As Lindy has shared her cancer story, she’s connected to many Hoosiers who have also gone through their own personal cancer battle.

One of those people is Stephanie Pemberton. Mom to Kendall and Caleb and vice president of marketing for the Indianapolis Colts, she was diagnosed with Stage 2 triple negative breast cancer at 36.

“I have, at the time, a 6 and a 4-year-old and you start to think about the future a lot more. Am I going to be there and what if I’m not there and that’s hard to process.” said Stephanie.

“Our entire ownership team reached out to me throughout the process, the Irsay family, and was there every step of the way, anything that I needed they were there and helpful.”

It turns out some of the people supporting her the most would need support themselves. During chemo, Stephanie did genetic testing and learned she had the BRCA gene.

Her mother and three of her four sisters also tested positive.

“While this was happening, my 3 sisters that were positive all had prophylactic double mastectomies and my mom. So, 2020 was, there was just a lot going on for our family.”

Stephanie continued to work throughout her cancer treatment, losing much of her hair, and Lindy couldn’t help but notice, especially since she was experiencing hair loss for her treatment for colorectal cancer.

Many months later, the two sat down after both had seemingly beaten breast and colorectal cancer, respectively.

But for Lindy, her colorectal cancer had metastasized to her left lung, meaning at least one more surgery and several months of chemotherapy.

“So it’s been a lot of take in obviously because as you understand afterwards you deal with the constant fear you’re going to get it again. I would imagine you probably deal with same thing,” said Lindy.

“100%,” agreed Stephanie. “If you just bottle it up, then you’re kind of fighting your battle alone. And I always remember Coach Pagano saying no one fights alone, and I never, I mean I knew what that meant but I never really understood it until I went through a fight of my own, and I realized we can’t let anybody fight alone.”

Stephanie went through 8 total rounds of chemo and is now cancer-free and monitored by her doctors.

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