‘Joy bombs’ spreading cheer in Whitestown

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Whitestown church spreads joy through “joy bombs.”

WHITESTOWN, Ind. – Before we say goodbye to 2020 and welcome in a new year, Eagle Church in Whitestown is on a mission.

The pastor there wants to make sure Hoosiers are not giving up on Christmas this year.

To do that, Eagle Church members are looking to spread as much joy as possible by delivering joy bombs.

“A joy bomb is simply a gift that you would drop off at someone’s front doorstep, so it is completely COVID-19 safe,” said Ian Black, pastor of student and worship.

Black says it could be a gift basket filled with sweets or other goodies. Some families have even been tapping into their creative side and have come up with their own unique ways to spread joy.

“What people are doing instead is really making it their own. So it could be something like they’re going to dress up and sing carols outside,” he explained.

Lilly Simpson and her family spent a night visiting neighbors and loved ones and dropping off gifts on their front steps.

“We put just a bunch of things we thought they may like. We put together mugs and hot chocolate and fuzzy socks gift card just little things,” she said.  

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Joy bomb left on doorstep.

Joy bombs should be dropped off at people’s doorsteps to avoid coming in contact with anyone.

You’re also encouraged to add a note of encouragement. The hope is that the receiver will pay it forward and joy bomb someone else.

For more info on how you can participate, click here.

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