Is the pandemic making us weirder? Possibly, and that’s not a bad thing

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INDIANAPOLIS –Is the pandemic making you weirder? It’s possible.

A recent CNN article pointed to some people reporting they’ve developed some interesting “quirks” while spending more time at home and less time socializing.

Some find themselves talking or singing to themselves out loud, some start up new hobbies they never would’ve thought about trying, and some simply have a new outlook on life that seems unlike anything they would have expected from themselves.

It could be true that we are getting weirder. Particularly since many people don’t have the constant barrage of social interactions that would normally keep these quirks in check. Or we could also just becoming who we were always were.

Kendra Thomas, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Indianapolis says it’s possible, seeing as humans are always changing even well into adulthood.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if this [the pandemic] is a catalyst for development with a lot of people with so much change happening so fast. I think a lot of people’s routines have shifted, that’s probably an understatement. So I wouldn’t be surprised if this season is a catalyst of change for a lot of people that might have happened regardless,” Thomas said.

In psychology, Thomas says these moments are referred to as crisis, a time of exploration and experimentation. Little calibrations to who we are, which could be a good thing.

“A lot of those times of identity exploration where people kind of dive deep and do some self-corrections those are great times to think about meaning and purpose and exploring new interests not knowing where it’s going to go.”

“There are studies that are documented in adolescents, but things that we know keep happening.  They’re not always these very obvious weird things that are easy to point out. They’re quirky self-corrections that happen throughout a lifetime. So, I’d say dive into those self-correcting pieces and it’s a great time to search for meaning. And purpose and humor and laughter,” Thomas said.

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