Indiana Donor Network provides faster, safer transportation for organ recipients

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INDIANAPOLIS – Next time you’re at the Indianapolis International Airport and experience a delay, it could be because pilots and medical crews from Indiana Donor Network are trying to get off the ground as quickly as possible to save lives.

Since 2014, TxJet has been providing safer and faster flights to transport organs and medical crews across the country. It is the first nationwide provider of organ donation aviation.

“An organ has a limited time that it can outside that body,” explained Steven Johnson, COO of Indiana Donor Network and TxJet.

“The quicker and more efficient we are at transplanting,  the better it is for that recipient and the longer that gift is likely to last in that recipient,” he said.

The service uses three Cessna jet aircrafts that are based at the Indy airport. The fleet is ready to fly any day at any time, allowing for time critical transportation of organs and medical staff.

 “Ultimately TxJet is about making sure those organs get to those recipients, they get transplanted,. And they get to continue life because of that,” said Johnson.

Since 2014, TxJet has flown more than 2,100 lifesaving flights to patients across the country.  The service has also delivered organs for transplant recipients in 41 states.

To find out more about becoming an organ donor, click here.

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