INDIANAPOLIS — If you’re like most Americans, you probably recently received a gift card or two (or more) that you just don’t plan to use.

Maybe it’s already added to the stack of unused gift cards in that kitchen junk drawer?

There’s no reason to let free money sit around until it expires.  There are several websites available to help you either trade that unwanted card for another one you will use or sell it for cash.

One popular site is CardCash.  It works with more than 1,000 retailers to provide trade-in opportunities.  If you don’t plan to use that Walmart gift card, you can probably trade it for an Amazon gift card or another retailer.  Or you can sell the gift card on the site for cash.

However, don’t expect to get the full value.  A $25 Walmart card might get you $22 in cash.  Or you might be able to get a little more by trading it for an Amazon card worth $22.77.

In general, retailers that sell a wide variety of goods tend to get the most value.  Cards from Target, Walmart, Home Depot and Lowe’s will likely bring you more money than more specialized stores.

Retail cards also tend to bring in more money that restaurant cards.  A $25 Cheesecake Factory card may only get you $16.

Other popular sites include ClipKard, GiftCash and Raise.

Raise is different because it’s an auction site.  You can name your price for your gift card, but you’ll have to wait for someone who’s willing to buy it.

In general, it’s best to shop around the different sites to see which one will give you the most bang for your buck so you’re not letting free money sit around collecting dust.