Hoosier artists share the spotlight during NCAA Tournament

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As Central Indiana and college basketball take the national stage, hundreds of Hoosier artists will be sharing in the spotlight.

Earlier in March, the Arts Council of Indianapolis put the call out for 300+ artists to showcase their work during across Indianapolis during the tournament. For the council, it was a two-part mission; to highlight Indiana and the artists hit hard by the pandemic.  

“This is our way of putting thousands of dollars into the pockets of artists who are struggling right now,” Shannon Linker, VP of artist engagement for the Arts Council said.

The council will showcase around 600 artists through vibrant works flooding city streets and live performances held throughout the tournament.  It’s a grand undertaking with a grand goal.

“We want to do our part to make the city seem interesting and vibrant and colorful and just show who we are,” Linker said.  

Artist Shaunte Lewis is one of those hoping to grab the country’s attention while all eyes are on the Hoosier state.      

“I just hope to take it beyond Indianapolis and put a bigger spotlight on Indianapolis and artists of color all over the world hopefully one day,” she said.  

Linker says some of the artwork will come down after the tournament, but some could stay up for months. The arts council will feature every piece on their website. 

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