INDIANAPOLIS — The NFL Scouting Combine is back in Indianapolis and you can take part in all the action this weekend at Lucas Oil Stadium from a seat inside or the lawn outside.

It’s no secret the city of Indianapolis has enjoyed a long, healthy relationship with the NFL’s scouting event. The event has been solely held in the Circle City for the last 36 years. However, that could change after 2024. To help ensure the event stays put, the city is offering new, free attractions for fans to enjoy. 

Thousands are expected to head downtown for the combine. Visit Indy estimates guests, including fans, student athletes, coaches, scouts and credentialed media members, will inject nearly $10 million into the local economy.

The NFL Scouting Combine had been a closed event in the past. Several years ago, the league opened the event up to fans eager to catch a glimpse of future professional athletes. For 2023, the fun spectacle stretches outside for the first time, with some exciting additions in store.  

“They have the exact same experience that they’ve brought up from the Super Bowl,” Visit Indy Senior Communications Manager Nate Swick said. “So it is the same as the Super Bowl experience that they’ve brought to Indianapolis for this event and it actually cost money at the Super Bowl, but it doesn’t cost money here.”

The action kicked off Thursday but continues throughout the weekend. Friday events on the field at Lucas Oil begin at 1 p.m. and pick up earlier at 11 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

“Saturday is the big day, though. There’s quarterbacks and wide receivers, they’re both out there so it’s a lot of names that fans are gonna recognize, will be on the field on Saturday,” Swick said. “This will have a big, big impact on the city. Since it’s the first time with the outdoor event we’re not quite sure how many people we’re expecting but thousands is the answer–expecting thousands and we are anticipating a nearly $10 million economic impact throughout the course of the weekend.”

Do make sure you register online ahead of time. While the event is free, registration is required and that includes outdoor activities as well. 

After you show off at the NFL Combine, running the 40-Yard Dash and other drills, it might be time for you to upgrade your sneaker game… lucky for you SNKR Culture is headed to Indianapolis this weekend, too.

About 150 premium sneaker and clothing vendors have taken over the Hamilton County 4-H Fairgrounds this Sunday from noon to 6 p.m., offering up the freshest, hardest to find, most collectible sneakers for your to enjoy. Tickets cost $20 at the door, $13 if you order them ahead of time online.

Once inside you can enjoy live music, sneaker trivia, food trucks, free giveaways and of course… thousands of shoes!