Beach body bruises: Summer fitness goals can often lead to injury

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INDIANAPOLIS– Despite the rain across central Indiana this week, the weather is slowly getting better. As that happens, you’ll probably noticed more people getting outside, running, cycling, hiking, etc. The so-called beach body season is just around the corner and many people are now making the mad dash to get in shape. But, if you’re not careful that can lead to injuries.

According to the national safety council, in 2019 exercise with, or without equipment, accounted for about 468,000 injuries.

Shaylin Pachciarz, an exercise physiologist for IU Health says a lot of exercise related injuries can be prevented If people avoid the common pitfalls when starting up a physical fitness routine.

“The most common mistake is not properly warming up. People just say alright I’m going to go run and it leads to a mistake or injury. I see people with 5-year-old shoes, and they think they’re not going to have any pain after running on that. All of these things play a huge role into the success of your workout,”Pachciarz said

Pachciarz says another big mistake people make is immediately trying to pick things back up at the last benchmark or personal milestone they reached after taking a break from physical activity.

For many people it becomes an even bigger problem as they age. Which is why Pachciarz says easing back into your fitness routine is key.

“You’re going to set yourself up for success in the long run, if you ease into those workouts rather than jump into it,” she said. Adding, “start slow, gradually increase your intensity and the demand of your workouts. Yes, you might have hit a milestone, or maxed out, or whatever your goals are fitness wise, but it’s not smart to jump right into that last accomplishment.”

Due to “time limits” people often put on themselves to achieve fitness goals Pachciarz says she understands the impulse to “hit the ground running.” However, she adds that the best outcomes come from sustained, manageable effort.

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