INDIANAPOLIS — Americans are projected to spend billions of dollars in the coming days for Valentine’s Day next week on Tuesday, Feb. 14. Which begs the question, how much are you willing to spend in the name of love?

While inflation has tightened everyone’s budget, there are seemingly some days where you may feel the need to splurge. So what are the most common gifts being given?

57% are buying their loved ones candy.

40% are gifting greeting cards.

37% are finding flowers for their sweethearts. 

Even less, 32% are planning a night out with dinner for Valentine’s Day.

According to the National Retail Federations poll only 21% of those polled are getting their valentine jewelry.

Still, the National Retail Federation has forecasted a $26 billion dollar spending spree and as you can well imagine, there are some local businesses hoping to hop on the love train; some offering Valentine’s Day specials and more. 

One restaurant chain based in Chicago, Lou Malnati’s, which serves several central Indiana locations as well, is baking up personalized heart-shaped pizzas for you and yours. You can also pick up their pies frozen to bake later. 

“You know, I think, one thing I love about pizza is that it brings people together,” Lou Malnati’s Market Partner Peter Conway said. “People share pizza. So this heart shaped pizza, that’s one that you’ll share with your loved one.”

These pizzas will run you about $16 and they’re already available from now until Valentine’s Day if you’re in the mood. If you dine in at their Broad Ripple location and mention their Valentine’s Day special you’ll also receive a free cookie pizza to go along with you deep dish pie.