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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Nov. 19, 2015) — In a few months, an Indianapolis man will leave the Circle City for what he calls a journey of love.  Michael Jukeson admits his idea is raising eyebrows, but he believes it’s a serious project that he’s taking on for your community.

Jukeson and a friend recently made a YouTube video to promote his idea.  In the video, he calls himself the Chief Happiness Officer at the No More Sad Initiative.

“Which means I come up with all the projects to make people happy,” said Jukeson.  “Now I’ve come up with the role of Chief Loving Officer of The Loving Year.”

Jukeson’s real project costs money.  He spent about $1,500 on a recreational vehicle, then he painted it yellow and now he’s fixing the amenities inside because it’s going to be a year-long trip with his dog, Bro.

The two are heading across the U.S. to Canada and Mexico starting Valentine’s Day for a full year.

“It’ll be an act of love every single day.  It’ll be everything from acts of kindness, encouragement, support, comfort,” said Jukeson.

When asked what his friends think, Jukeson replied, “Some people are a little weirded out about it, but I think that most people that know me know it’s right down my alley.”

Jukeson is asking for your help in coming up with people, places that could use some kindness from a stranger and maybe even a few of his dance moves to make you smile.

“I think the whole world needs lots of love,” said Jukeson.

He is also raising money for the year-long trip, but said even if he doesn’t raise enough cash he’s still going on the loving road trip.