Young Colts fan hits anvil as cancer treatment concludes


INDIANAPOLIS – It has been a big week for 8-year-old Jackson Stout.

The second grader, attending Pleasant View Elementary, hit the anvil last Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium before the Colts kicked off against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Saturday, Jackson took his last chemo pill. He has been battling leukemia for about three years.

“The announcer said that Jackson had been fighting, getting ready to ring the bell. The no more chemo bell. The cheers came from the crowd,” Jackson’s mother, Ashley Stout, said. “He was actually only supposed to hit it five times, but got excited and kept hitting it even more.”

Jackson has triplet sisters, who get along with him most of the time. Ashley said Jackson’s battle has been a blessing in disguise.

“Looking back, I’m so happy we got a chance to go through it because if anything, it really brought us closer together,” she said.

Jackson has also grown closer to football. He is an honorary kid captain for Marian University’s football team. Jackson has created close connections, attending a players’ wedding this summer. In return, Jackson hosted Marian Football head coach Mark Henninger as his guest at Lucas Oil last Sunday.

“We loved that we could bring Coach Henninger with us to the Colts game just to bring it full circle,” Ashley said.

The Colts play the Lions in Detroit November 1. The game airs at 1 p.m. ET on CBS4.

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