Owner Jim Irsay is sending 2 Colts super fans to the Super Bowl in costume

The Big Game
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CARMEL, Ind. — Super Bowl 54 is just days away in Miami, and two Colts super fans are headed to the big game all thanks to Colts owner Jim Irsay.

It's been 13 years since the Colts took home the Lombardi trophy in Miami, but these fans still plan to represent their team in their own way. For the past six years, Mike Bostic has been "Clony Dungy" replicating the famous coach. He convinced fellow winner, Brett Crabtree to take on the role of Peyton Manning.

“Mike and I were texting, he was like you have to dress up for this," joked Crabtree.

“Not just Peyton Manning, you have to go all out," answered Bostic.

“[My wife] pretty much told me if I dress up like that she’s not gonna walk anywhere near me," laughed Crabtree.

Bostic is winning the battle, and Crabtree is ready to be Manning. He even bought identical cleats to the Colts legend, and got shoulder pads from Fishers High School. Below you can see them gameplanning for Sunday.

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Irsay gifted his annual ticket prize package to Crabtree for his charity work and Bostic for being a loyal season ticket holder.

"Theres so many amazing fans out there, that Brett and I got this opportunity its humbling," said Bostic.

The pair is flying out on Friday.

Irsay gave them money to donate to charities of their choosing, a thousand dollars each. Crabtree is donating his to Riley Children's Hospital and Bostic to Marlin Jackson's Fight for Life Foundation.

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