Over the past five seasons, Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce have developed into one of the most productive duos in the NFL. During the Chiefs’ Monday visit to the White House to commemorate the team’s Super Bowl victory, the pair once again teamed up to deliver an iconic moment at the podium, where Kelce appeared to stray off script from the festivities. 

Perhaps recognizing his moment to address the nation in a new context, Kelce finished posing for a photo with Mahomes and President Joe Biden and wandered toward the unattended microphone. Tragically, as he began to speak, he was ushered away by Mahomes, only muttering the words, “So, I’ve been waiting for this—.”

Who knows what kind of message Kelce was about to gift us with, but we’ll never find out thanks to Mahomes’s interference. The two-time Super Bowl MVP displayed a reaction time that would likely make a Secret Service agent blush, saving his teammate from perhaps divulging too much information in a moment of celebration.

Even though whatever Kelce was going to say would no doubt have been entertaining, he and Mahomes have earned the benefit of the doubt after all they’ve achieved together. Still, perhaps Kelce will find another platform to share whatever he planned on saying—just one that’s more than a few feet away from the president’s ears.