Rookie Max Chilton crashes during practice

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Chip Ganassi Racing’s Max Chilton crashed Saturday during a practice session for the 100th Indianapolis 500.

The rookie lost control while entering turn two.  The front end of the car hit the SAFER barrier, spun around and hit the wall again with the back end.

Chilton was taken to the infield care center where he was cleared and released.

“I’m fine, but a bit battered and bruised,” Chilton said.  “The first accident on an oval is never a great one.  The timing is pretty bad, but that’s the issue getting one practice before qualifying.  You want to make sure the car’s right.”

Chilton had just gotten on the track for the last practice session before qualifying when he smacked the wall.

“It [the car] felt good, but it felt too good if you know what I mean.  Now I know what’s too good,” said Chilton.  “Before you have time to even react, it was gone and you’re just a passenger from then on, so I feel bad for the guys.”

Track activity had been delayed for over four hours because of rain.

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