Powerlifter Kloie Doublin breaking records and stereotypes

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Within weeks of benching that first barbell, Kloie Doubin gave up years of dance training to dedicate to the gym.

“Powerlifting gave me that gratification that I really liked of tracking it all the way and it also just felt so much more natural to my body,” Doublin said.

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The Franklin, Ind. native recently returned from the World championships in Sweden, where she took silver in the overall powerlifting competition for her weight class.

"A lot of people usually specialize in a certain lift or they are known for a certain lift,” she explained, “but i am known for just being good at them across the board."

The competition included a squat, bench and deadlift.

"I squated 402 (pounds) was hoping to get a little closer to that record but it just wasn't in the cards that day,” Doublin said while working out at Indy City Barbell downtown. “Then when bench came around, I  ended up coming out with that gold medal in bench at 261 pounds."

That earned her gold in the bench and the Junior World Record. She finished the meet as the second best overall athlete in her class.

"It is interesting to see how many people become inspired off of these women that are pushing pulling benching all of this incredible weight,” Doublin said.

The Midland University student-athlete is encouraged to see the changing perception of women in the sport and more female athletes embracing their strength.

"Every year there is a tremendous change in how women are perceived in strength,” Doublin said. “Because when I first started people would make fun of me for the way my body looked and females even today will be like, ‘I don't want to be too big,' and I have been squatting, benching, dead lifting  heavy for five years now and I still don't look like a man,” she added with a laugh.

And as she breaks stereotypes along with Junior records, Doublin continues setting her goals even higher.

"I really want to hit that first place spot and get that overall world record is what i want not only in the junior division but in the open is where I really want to be."

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