Pat McAfee on reuniting with Colts to host Kickoff Concert, weighs in on new era for his former franchise


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“These are my dress up jorts because i knew the news was coming, khaki-colored jorts, it’s a good day,” Pat McAfee said with a smile, tugging on his tan-toned denim shorts while perched, appropriately, on a stool at the Barstool Heartland studios.

And it seems most days are good days when you’re Pat McAfee.

“I never imagined being this busy, but it’s real fulfillment to like put out good vibes into the world and hopefully receive them and make people laugh,” the Barstool Sports and Sirius Radio host explained from the spacious studio in downtown Indianapolis  where he records his enormously popular podcast, “The Pat McAfee Show,” and his Sirius XM show with Barstool.

Even though business is booming for the “Boomstick,” as a radio host and podcaster, he’s not too busy to for his former franchise as the host of the Colts kickoff concert.

“To get associated with the Colts again is a beautiful thing because it’s such a beautiful franchise but this is a year with a lot of excitement going in, a lot of excitement,” McAfee emphasized. “The big avatar Andrew Luck is back, could be a whole change and turn of the tide.”

Last year was McAfee’s first year of NFL retirement  and watching his teammate of five seasons miss all of last season, McAfee believes Luck is ready to put the franchise back on his shoulders.

“Now he gets a chance to come back and prove himself, I think it’s a cool thing. I can’t wait to watch it, because he won a lot of games for us when I was there when we were not a good team. So if you put a good team around him like I think Frank Reich and Chris Ballard are doing, and he’s got a chip on his shoulder to prove some haters wrong, and to build that book club, let’s be honest, he’s competing with Oprah for the biggest book club in history, so I think he’s going to do great.”

And McAfee has some experience playing quarterback for Frank Reich. When the now-head coach was an assistant in 2009, Reich was tasked with coaching a rookie punter to be the emergency QB.

“So Frank Reich goes, ‘have you ever played quarterback?,’” McAfee recalls of his first season. “’Absolutely NOT Frank, I have never played quarterback, what are you talking about?’ He was like, ‘Alright, here we go,’ so he was literally starting from kindergarten level quarterback with me and he worked with me once a week.  He was very patient, he makes me feel like now I feel like I could go play maybe in the CFL right now because of Frank Reich’s coaching, but what he did with me and what he is going to do with the team, is just, we got real lucky that Frank Reich came back to the horseshoe.”

McAfee also has a unique perspective on Adam Vinatieri as the kicker is within striking distance of the NFL scoring record. His former holder has a suggestion for Vinny on how he would celebrate the kick that eclipses Morten Anderson’s 2,544 points.

“I always said if you do that, like as soon as you hit that, you take your cleats off on the field and walk off, like, ‘What else is there to do? I’ve scored more points than any other human. A lot of great people have played in the NFL, a LOT of greats have played. Most points in the history of all of them, that’s untouchable. I would have just walked off the field. Now granted, I did do that though, I did retire early. I think Vinatieri will be very professional, shake a hand, thank his holder, keep it moving, and just act like it’s another day but he’ll look back that night and celebrate it, and I think it will be a big deal for him and his beautiful family.”

So with all his confidence in the new era for the franchise, is the fan favorite punter ever tempted to come out of retirement?

“I miss kicking balls every once in awhile, I’ll go in my backyard and boom some balls just to make sure I still got it in case all this comes crashing down, but I am enjoying my life a lot.”

As for what’s next for the emerging media mogul, his latest project continues to capitalize on his sports and entertainment brands in the WWE.

“I would like you to know that, that is a very interesting endeavor,” McAfee said of his role with the WWE NXT  franchise. “It is one of the reasons why I retired whenever I was younger, I’ve always been a fan of the WWE sports entertainment and the fact now I have a working relationship with them is very beautiful that one is going to be a fun one to see what happens.”

And when you’re Pat McAfee whatever happens, millions will surely be watching.

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