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CHICAGO — The Indiana Pacers had a 42.1% shot at landing a top-four pick in the NBA Draft.

They’ll have to make do with No. 6.

The NBA held its Draft Lottery Tuesday night in Chicago, and the balls didn’t exactly bounce in Indiana’s favor. Still, it could’ve been worse. The Pacers had the best shot at getting the No. 7 overall pick (26.7%) and ended up a slot ahead at No. 6.

It’s the franchise’s highest draft position since 1988 (the team picked Pacers all-timer Rik Smits that year) and the first time Indiana has had a single-digit pick since 1989 (George McCloud, released after four seasons with the team).

“We’re excited,” Pacers President of Basketball Operations Kevin Pritchard told the media after the draft, according to “We’re going to kick butt. We’re not messing around now. I think we showed last year that we’re willing to move and toggle to get where we want to get.”

This year’s draft is considered to be a deep one. Pritchard said the team will look for a player who “loves basketball” and said they’ll keep an “open mind” about their selection.

In addition to the sixth overall pick, the Pacers will have the first pick in the second round (31st overall) and the last pick in the second round (58th overall).

The Orlando Magic ended up with the top pick in the draft, followed by Oklahoma City, Houston, Sacramento and Detroit.

The NBA Draft is set for June 23 in Brooklyn, New York.

Here is the complete draft order:

First Round

1. Orlando
2. Oklahoma City
3. Houston
4. Sacramento
5. Detroit
6. Indiana
7. Portland
8. Los Angeles Lakers (to New Orleans)
9. San Antonio
10. Washington
11. New York
12. LA Clippers (to Oklahoma City)
13. Charlotte
14. Cleveland
15. New Orleans (to Charlotte)
16. Atlanta
17. Brooklyn (to Houston)
18. Chicago
19. Minnesota
20. Toronto (to San Antonio)
21. Denver
22. Utah (to Memphis)
23. Philadelphia*
24. Milwaukee
25. Boston (to San Antonio)
26. Dallas
27. Miami
28. Golden State
29. Memphis
30. Phoenix (to Oklahoma City)

Second Round

31. Houston (to Indiana via Cleveland)
32. Orlando
33. Detroit (to Toronto via San Antonio, Washington and Chicago)
34. Oklahoma City
35. Indiana (to Orlando via Milwaukee)
36. Portland
37. Sacramento
38. Los Angeles Lakers (to San Antonio via Chicago and Washington)
39. San Antonio (to Cleveland via Utah)
40. Washington (to Minnesota via Cleveland)
41. New Orleans
42. New York
43. LA Clippers
44. Atlanta
45. Charlotte
46. Brooklyn (to Detroit)
47. Cleveland**
48. Minnesota
49. Chicago (to Sacramento via Memphis and Detroit)
50. Denver (to Minnesota via Philadelphia)
51. Toronto (to Golden State via Philadelphia)
52. Utah (to New Orleans)
53. Boston
— Milwaukee (forfeited)
— Philadelphia (to Miami via Denver; forfeited by Miami)
54. Dallas (to Washington)
55. Golden State
56. Miami (to Cleveland via Indiana)
57. Memphis (to Portland via Utah)
58. Phoenix (to Indiana)

This pick (23) may be conveyed to Brooklyn

** This pick (47) will be conveyed either to New Orleans via Atlanta, or to Memphis via New Orleans and Atlanta