North Central twins are destined for Dartmouth


INDIANAPOLIS – Identical twins out of North Central High School are destined to play football for Ivy League’s Dartmouth.

Seniors Josiah and Micah Green played defense for the Panthers, and carry GPAs exceeding 4.0. But, there are some differences between them.

“Our personalities are a lot different,” Micah said. “In-person, I’m kind of more reserved. And in-person, he’s more outgoing.”

The Greens are Big Green bound despite receiving offers from Columbia, Brown, and Air Force. But, a defensive line coach for Dartmouth with roots in Gary, Indiana discovered what they could tackle on the field.

“We got recruited by their football staff. And then they saw our grades, and they’re like yeah we want these kids,” Josiah said.

Both plan to study engineering. Josiah has his eye on the environment. Micah wants so soar with aeronautics. But, their journey to one of the best colleges in the country is uncommon.

“We fall in the free and reduced lunch category and the Medicaid category,” Josiah said. “So, we got a pretty substantial amount of scholarship money from the school. We are going to get that money whether or not we get hurt. I think my dad’s pretty happy that he doesn’t have to pay that much for us to go to an Ivy League school.”

“I am setting an example as a minority going to an Ivy League school from Indianapolis, which isn’t really that common,” Micah said. “I wanted to be that person to say you can do it.”

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