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SPEEDWAY, Ind. – We see them all through the month of May topping 220 miles per hour, but have you ever wondered how IndyCar drivers live? All this week, we have an all-access pass, past the yellow shirts, and into the driver’s compound for a tour inside their “homes” leading up to the Indianapolis 500.

Today, we’re checking in with Harding Racing #88 driver, Gabby Chaves.

Gabby: Hello! Come on in!

Rachel: Who is this?

Gabby: This is Milo and this is Ozzie

Rachel:  So, you’ve got the pups

Gabby: Yep! [They’re] good companions and this is it for May. We spend a lot of time on track, so we want to be close to it. Any day that we are getting a little stressed, or things get a little hectic, this is a good place to get away as well 

Rachel: Can you really relax even though you still hear cars going around?

Gabby: A little bit.  You can get away from the crazy a little bit but you’re still at the track, you’re still on site,

Rachel: So, show us around?

Gabby: Well, I mean obviously we’ve got a little dining area here.

Rachel: Nice candle. It’s the girlfriend effect, right?

Gabby: Haha! That’s right, yeah. I’ve got some of my toys. Got my bike and my quad copter that I like to fly around.

Gabby: A little kitchen area, there won’t be much happening here except some cereal in the morning.

Rachel: I was going to say, do you guys really cook or is it all takeout?

Gabby: Maybe a sandwich but no actual cooking. Just some food preparation.

Rachel:  What’s in the fridge, that’s what we want to know?

Gabby: Mostly just Gatorades and water and just essentials. Nothing fancy.

Rachel:  You have a nice little fireplace here.

 Gabby: Yes, I actually have not fired that one up yet.

Gabby: Obviously a little hangout area for some guests or for the dogs.

Rachel: So who takes command of this–is this yours or is this theirs?

Gabby: I think it’s more theirs than it is mine. 

Gabby: We have a pretty decent-sized bedroom here… a queen-sized mattress.

Rachel: Do you spend more time in here or out on the couch typically?

Gabby: I would say probably in here. It’s a little bit quieter. You can close the door and get a little bit more away from the noise. 

Whether it’s racing around the oval at Indianapolis Motor Speedway or racing his quad copter, you can tell Gabby Chaves has a need for speed. But at the end of the day, when he’s finally ready to slow down, this is his getaway.