Since practices began in the summer, Scecina football has had to shuttle themselves to a different practice field. Despite the extra hurdle, the Crusaders have gotten out to a strong start this season– and have turned the extra steps in their practice routine into a positive.

“It means we really have to depend on each other,” senior quarterback D.J. Mendez said. “If someone forgets something, ask someone to pick something up. Just going back and forth, I’d say our drive is our team bonding.”

“Not having your own field is more of a disadvantage. But the kids have adjusted very well,” head coach Ott Hurrle said. “Any discipline that an individual can get along the way is profitable.”

The construction at Scecina Memorial High School is expected to be complete in November. If the Crusaders make a deep run in the state playoffs, they could get to practice on campus by season’s end.

But beyond a shot at states, there’s even more motivation to practice on the new field for the players that double as drivers.

“My car smells really bad right now. I’d rather not keep loading stuff in there,” senior WR/LB Keegan Ray said. “My mom does not like it.”