Harry Caray calls World Series win for Cubs in new Budweiser ad

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An Anheuser-Busch video features the voice of the late Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray predicting that “sure as God made green apples” the Cubs would someday win the World Series. It intersperses his play-by-play as if he were calling Game 7 of the Cubs win over the Cleveland Indians for the title.

The ad shows the statue of Caray outside Wrigley Field and tense fans in bars, his deep voice intoning, “Boy, if you have a weak heart, turn the set off. The rest of you, stay with us!”

Then it cuts to fans celebrating, and Carey saying “Holy Cow! You talk about a mass of happy humanity. How about those Cubbies? Now our lives are complete!”

Caray, a pitchman for Bud, died in 1998 without seeing his beloved Cubs make it to the World Series.

Nike ran an ad after the final out of Game 7. It showed a boy on a ball field, joyfully playing several positions and hitting a home run to the play-by-play of Caray and a song by Willie Nelson.

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