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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Robert Mathis had little use for quarterbacks during his decorated 14-year career with the Indianapolis Colts.

“Hate ‘em,” he frequently said, only half-kidding.

However, the team’s career sack leader found it necessary to abandon his stance and come to the aid of his former QB in an interview with CBS4’s Chris Hagan.

That former QB would be Andrew Luck, who found himself the center of attention Wednesday. Mike Greenberg, co-host of ESPN’s Mike & Mike radio show, mentioned he had been told by people around the NFL Luck was unhappy in Indy and “we could be seeing, right before our eyes, the end of the Andrew Luck era in Indianapolis.”

Greenberg subsequently back-pedaled on his comments, but they already had stirred up social media. Luck’s agent even commented on the situation.

The comments also stirred up Mathis, who used his position as an analyst on CBS4’s “Blue Zone” to defend Luck.

“I want everybody to know that Andrew Luck is a warrior,” he told Hagan. “I always like to use ‘dog’ reference. He’s a straight ‘dog,’ pedigree, AKC-registered, blue-chip stud.

“The whole rumor thing, it couldn’t be any more untrue. I sat and literally had a conversation with him (Thursday) and this man is as loyal as it comes. For that to even be a rumor that makes the mainstream is pretty laughable.”

The Colts signed Luck to a five-year extension in June 2016 that ties him to the team through the 2021 season and will pay him nearly $140 million. He has yet to practice while recovering from January surgery to repair a torn labrum in his right shoulder.

Mathis’ entire interview airs Sunday morning on CBS4’s “Blue Zone” at 11:30 as part of his weekly “3rd Down with Robert Mathis.”

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