INDIANAPOLIS – The Indianapolis Colts’ Twitter account looked a little different Friday.

You can thank the Tennessee Titans.

While the Twitter handle remained @Colts per usual, the identifying line that usually reads “Indianapolis Colts” instead said “Not the Cowboys.”

The move was undoubtedly inspired by a video posted on the Titans’ social media accounts in which fans in downtown Nashville were presented with logos and asked to guess teams on the Titans’ upcoming schedule.

Several fans, when shown the Colts’ iconic horseshoe, mistook it for a Dallas Cowboys logo.

The Colts, of course, weren’t alone in the chaotic whirlwind of mistaken identity, with fans in Nashville also misidentifying logos for the Los Angeles Chargers (“Lightning McQueen!”), Cincinnati Bengals (“Boston Bobcats!”), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (“Pirates from the Islands of the Caribbean!”) and the Seattle Seahawks (“Eagles! Eagles! Eagles! From Pittsburgh!”), among many others.

The video is definitely worth a watch if you’re in need of a good chuckle. The Colts, now “Not the Cowboys” on the Twitter, were also joined by the “Red Stallions” of Atlanta in tweaking their Twitter account. The Atlanta Falcons were another hilariously misidentified opponent.

For their part, the Colts celebrated Thursday’s schedule release by having Grover Stewart and DeForest Buckner eat dishes of regional interest and guess the opponent.