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WESTFIELD, Ind. – The revelation that Andrew Luck is dealing with “a small little bone’’ along with a stained left calf undoubtedly sent shivers of concern throughout the Indianapolis Colts’ fan base.

That issue apparently is myositis ossificans. According to Medical News Today, that’s a condition where bone tissue forms inside a muscle or other soft tissue following an injury. One of the byproducts of a “hard lump or bump’’ forming is lingering, even increasing pain.

Another medical term that might be in play: Os Trigonum. That refers to pain in the back of the ankle which is caused by “impingement of soft tissues on a bony prominence at the back of the Talus bone,’’ according to Medical News Today.

Dr. Patrick Kersey is a physician with St. Vincent Sports Performance and a former team physician with the Colts. He’s watched the Luck drama from afar, and while conceding this isn’t an ideal situation for the player or team, neither is he in panic mode.

“I don’t foresee it being a big issue, truthfully,’’ Dr. Kersey said Tuesday. “Most of these things can be managed. I bet if they were in-season, he’d be playing for sure.

“Because of the timing and not having to really press it at this time – they don’t have a game for three-and-a-half-weeks – they are taking the approach they are.’’

Luck missed the entirety of the Colts’ on-field offseason work after straining his left calf in late April. He participated in three of the first four training camp practices, each time in a limited capacity, before experiencing pain in his left calf and ankle. It’s uncertain whether Luck’s injury situation, especially the myositis ossificans, first surfaced during the final portion of last season.

Luck won’t participate in the joint practices with the Cleveland Browns Wednesday and Thursday, and will have missed the final 12 camp workouts.

“I did not improve feeling-wise, pain-wise,’’ Luck said July 30. “I certainly wish I was out here, but the nature of it is a calf strain. I say lower leg because I feel pain in my ankle and calf-strain. I’ve had images, X-rays, everything.’’

The overriding concern is whether Luck will be ready for the Sept. 8 opener against the Los Angeles Chargers. A secondary worry: will the injury be a factor as the season unfolds?

It’s doubtful Irsay eased the angst when he insisted during a Monday interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio he was “very confident he’s going to find his way through this thing.’’

That’s when he elaborated on Luck’s injury.

“ . . . quite frankly, this is not even in the Achilles tendon,’’ he said. “It’s in another area. It’s a bone.

“It’s a small little bone and Ryan Diem had it and Raheem Brock I think had it the trainers told me. But he’s doing very well . . . we wish there wasn’t any little tweaks at all . . . but these things come up and you have to deal with them.’’

It’s anyone’s guess whether Dr. Kersey’s view will assuage the rising concern.

“I would potentially speculate he will play,’’ he said. “I think in a couple of weeks it’s worth speculating the approach will be, ‘Hey, it’s time to get ready so we’ve got to push the envelope, push the gas pedal a little bit.’’’

In some instances, a procedure is required to address the situation. That could result in a 2-to-6 week rehab.

“If this was something they thought they needed to take care of, boy, they would have taken care of it back in the Spring,’’ Dr. Kersey said. “You wouldn’t have gotten this close to the season and said, ‘Oh, crud, we’ve got to do something now.’’’

It’s easy to speculate the left calf/ankle situation will follow Luck into the season, and require week-to-week attention.

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