INDIANAPOLIS – Kylen Granson is among the 66 Colts players, coaches and management taking part in the league’s “My Cause My Cleats” initiative this season.

“It’s a national platform that I get to show my foundation with ‘KG’s Kids'”, the second-year tight end said. “I’m just hoping that it brings more people in, so that it allows us to keep doing the things we’re doing.”

“KG’s Kids” helps IPS schools encourage a passion for reading, like the one he had as a student.

“I actually got in trouble for reading a lot when I was a kid,” Granson joked. “Like they banned me in middle school for reading, like bringing books to class because I would read all the time. I attribute a lot of my success to reading. Our initiative is to get kids that same passion.”

Granson sees a strong link between literacy and opportunity in a wide variety of life skills for kids.

“I feel like it can open a lot of doors for these young kids,” said Granson. “Whether it’s football or STEM or whatever they want to do. I feel like reading is the outlet that a lot of kids can take advantage of.”

There’s added anticipation for this week’s game against the Cowboys for the Westlake, Texas native who played college footbball in Dallas at SMU. He’ll play a prime time game in front of familiar faces.

“A lot of my friends and my family are excited to see me either before the game or after,” Granson said. “Definitely more than excited to be back on home turf. I got added juice this week also because it’s the next week and it’s Sunday Night Football.”