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HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – An Indianapolis Colts player and friends caught a big one during a fishing trip in Florida.

Colts linebacker Antonio Morrison, San Francisco 49ers lineman Trent Brown and Oakland Raiders linebacker Neiron Ball went on the trip, according to WSVN. All three played together at the University of Florida.

The three friends wanted to catch a shark during Monday’s fishing expedition. They accomplished the goal, capturing a seven-foot-long mako shark that weighed 300 pounds.

“We said it. We said we would. We said we were gonna catch a shark,” Morrison told WSVN. “We said it in the car, so we did it.”

“They said it was like the Super Bowl of fishing, ’cause it’s like a once-in-a-lifetime type of deal,” Brown said.

David Ide, the captain of the fishing boat, said catching a shark doesn’t happen every day.

“We very rarely catch them. I’ve been charter fishing for the last 15 years and only caught a handful of them,” Ide said. “I’ve caught like, I think four in 15 years of charter fishing, and we go every single day of the week.”

The players’ four-hour fishing trip started off small. They didn’t get a bite from the shark until the end, and it took the muscle power of all three players to reel it in.

“It took all three of them to reel it in, believe it or not,” Ide said. “They’re all big guys. They said they could do it by themselves, but it didn’t happen that way.”

The players planned to mount the shark at home.