Colts, Luck begin offseason workout program


Colts quarterback Andrew Luck talks to the media on Monday afternoon as the team begins its offseason workout program. (WTTV April 15, 2019)

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Andrew Luck returned to the Colts Complex on Monday from an offseason that instead of being filled with treatments, rehabilitation and doubts, was one in which he relaxed enough to travel, rest and even get married.

“It’s great,” the Colts franchise quarterback said of newlywed life.

“We have been together for a decade so not much has changed besides a ring on the finger and she has great insurance now,” he added with a laugh.

As he and his fellow Colts veterans returned to work to begin the offseason program, Luck explained that it took him awhile to turn his mind off this offseason.  It was the urging of Colts general manager Chris Ballard that convinced him to enjoy his first healthy offseason in recent memory.

“Finally got a chance to get away,” Luck said of his past few weeks.  “Chris challenged me to turn my mind off.  It took awhile, but I feel refreshed. I caught up with family.  It was a very nice offseason.”

However, as the enters his eighth year in the league, Luck admitted it wasn’t an easy thing to do after the Colts exited the playoffs to the Chiefs in the AFC divisional round.

“Very much got into a zone, a rhythm, a mindset. I was very motivated,” he said of the final weeks of the Colts season. “So I couldn’t get off of that high. I think emotionally it felt weird not going to work for a while, but I do think it is necessary and also a chance to regroup, refresh and now get back to focusing on getting better every day.”

Luck explained that he hasn’t thrown so far this offseason, but was eager to do so now. When asked about what he saw in terms of improvement from the 2018 campaign to now, he provided no shortage of areas for growth within himself in the upcoming season.

“Certainly look to cut down on interceptions, be more accurate,” Luck said, having thrown 39 touchdowns and 15 picks in 2018. I think we can do a better job of setting our offense up to have a positive play each time. Protecting the ball. Throw more touchdowns. Put more points on the board.”

In the second year of the Frank Reich tenure, the head coach has said previously he will look to Luck to have more ownership within the offense. When asked about that task, Luck embraced a greater responsibility.

“That has to happen,” Luck admitted. “For me to take next steps as a quarterback and ‘owning it’ probably is the appropriate word and command, understanding the why.”

In terms of how he will do that through the offseason program, he added that collaboration will be key to developing the offense.

“Making my ideas known and creating great discussion and trying things out this time of year,” he said.

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