Colts 2020 season opener: A blank slate like never before


INDIANAPOLIS, IN – AUGUST 17: Head coach Frank Reich of the Indianapolis Colts is seen during opening day of training camp at Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center on August 17, 2020 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Every new season brings a question with it: What should we expect of the Colts this year?

… Hopefully, this website has given you SOME idea over the last few months …

But on the doorstep of *this* week 1, the Colts find themselves asking a similar question: What should *we* expect from the Jaguars?

Because the answer is not all that clear cut.

“We have nothing to go off of,” explains defensive end Justin Houston. “We have no choice but to actually just study the players because it’s not like they played any preseason games so we have no idea how they want to do things.”

Even studying players isn’t fool-proof.

“We don’t know personnel,” continues linebacker Darius Leonard, “especially with new people coming in. You’re not really sure exactly what they’re going to run and it goes vice versa with the defense. You never know what we’re going to run.”

“We just have to be pros and adjust,” adds quarterback Philip Rivers. “Series to series, play to play, there definitely will be some things for sure that we have not seen or prepared for.”

In *some respects, to be sure, that’s the case every year. Teams never lay out their full gameplans in the preseason. Still, 2020 is just different in the National Football League, as it is everywhere it seems, and a bit of normalcy, NFL football on a Sunday, will be quite welcome.

“I think ultimately when the ball kicks off,” Rivers opines, “nobody is thinking about, ‘Wow, we didn’t get a preseason game,’ or ‘Can you believe the crowd is not here?’ You have to worry about the task at hand and focus on your job each and every play.”

So the time has finally come to put perhaps the most unusual offseason in NFL history to bed. And when the players wake up tomorrow, the time for the season will finally be here.

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