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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Dec. 30, 2015) – In case anyone was wondering, Chuck Pagano isn’t ready for his relationship with the Indianapolis Colts to end.

“I will fight my a** off to be the coach here,’’ he said Wednesday, erasing any doubt. “I’m worried about Tennessee right now. But do I want to be the coach here? Yes.’’

Pagano is in the final year of his four-year contract, and his long-term status with the team has been an issue since he turned down a one-year extension from owner Jim Irsay during the offseason.

He has been more reflective than usual over the past few weeks when asked about his future with the team, which might be a sign he’s at peace with whichever direction Irsay takes once the season ends.

Earlier this month, he dismissed the notion he’s felt pressure as the team has unfolded. The Colts are 7-8 and have long-shot playoff hopes heading into Sunday’s regular-season finale against Tennessee after opening the season as one of the favorites to reach Super Bowl 50.

“We all know what we signed up for,’’ he said. “What are you going to do? So what, what?”

“They can’t eat you. Remember I told you that. They can fire you, but they can’t eat you. So if the worst thing is a year from now, let’s say I’m in Boise (Idaho) next year playing with my granddaughters, I’m going to be fine.”

“That isn’t going to happen, but I’m going to be fine if I have to go down that road.’’