INDIANAPOLIS — Fans of the Butler University Bulldogs will not see a familiar face on the sidelines at upcoming athletic events: the team’s mascot, Butler Blue IV.

On Monday, the Indianapolis-based university announced that its 65-pound English bulldog mascot will be sidelined in the coming weeks due to a leg injury.

In the post, the university said that Butler Blue IV has suffered a tear in his Canine Cruciate Ligament. The CCL is the dog equivalent of an anterior cruciate ligament, or as Blue put it “a doggo ACL.”

“Our good boy, Blue, has been sidelined with an ACL tear,” Butler said. “Join us in sending virtual hugs and pets to our fearless mascot.”

As for Blue himself, the mascot said he is doing okay.

“INJURY REPORT: Me,” the mascot posted on social media. “Don’t worry, I am not in much pain and am scheduled for surgery tomorrow. I’ll be sure to post a lot of updates. Appreciate any good vibes you can send my way.”

The post concluded by saying that Butler Blue IV will be sidelined “for a few weeks” as he recovers.