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INDIANAPOLIS — A local history lover is offering special tours to showcase major moments in Indianapolis’ rich basketball history.  

Sampson Levingston with the organization Through 2 Eyes is putting on bike and trolley tours that hit on some major pieces of history, including things that have happened at several of the venues hosting NCAA Tournament games right now.  

Levingston started with walking tours back in June and has already done more than 70 of those. Now he has special tours for just basketball.  

The bike tour goes through the Cultural Trail and the trolley covers a bit more ground and goes farther north. 

The tours cover spots like Lucas Oil Stadium and Crispus Attucks High School, the first Black school to win a state championship in Indiana.  

Levingston says when he was asked to do the tours there was no shortage of places to include.  

“As much as I loved Indiana history, I knew that when Indiana Sports Corps asked if I’d be able to do something for the Final Four, this was when we just thought that we’d only have the Final Four, I was like, ‘I know there’s enough basketball history in Indiana to easily build something out. And so once we got the whole tournament here, I was like let’s go.”

“You see Indiana’s hosting all the games and you’re wondering ‘why Indiana?’ Why is this the perfect place for a moment like this?” said Levingston. “So I can walk people through it historically, step by step, how we’ve been shaping ourselves for this moment for decades.” 

The tours last about two hours and Levingston hopes they inspire people to go and dig deeper into the history. 

“My goal is that it’s the same goal for all my tours. It’s that people leave looking to know more. There’s no way that I can fit all the history that the city has in the two hours. It’s impossible. So, I pick a few things that are unique to me, unique to this city and unique to this story.” 

Bike tours are $10 and trolley tours are $15. There are still spots available for the trolley tours for this upcoming weekend, but bike tours are sold out. Levingston says he hopes to open more spots on more tours.  You can inquire about tickets here.

He also plans to do more tours like this in the future. Whether it be on wheels, walking or about basketball or another topic.