INDIANAPOLIS – Ball State Track & Field produced two All-Americans in one year for the first time in program history, as Charity Griffith won the 2023 NCAA Outdoor National Championship High Jump title and Jenelle Rogers placed 5th in the Heptathlon in Austin, TX.

“I’ve honestly always had a belief that I could do it,” said Griffith, who posted three personal best marks en route to her title at 1.93 meters (6 feet, 4 inches). “I’m just very excited that I could execute it when it was necessary.”

Rogers echoed that sentiment for her own accomplishment, adding “There were a lot of pieces that were already there. It just came together.”

Adrian Wheatley has been the Cardinals head coach of Track & Field for the past two years.

“The thing when we started, it was making sure what the mission as and to compete for each other,” he explained. “One thing we talk about in our program a lot is play cool.

“Also (be) humble. Very thankful for the opportunities, and again, I think that talks about what we do within the program.”

Charity, Jenelle, and Adrian joined Dave Griffiths in studio to discuss the spectacular weekend.