Ball State Sports Link set to debut international sports documentary


The Ball State Sports Link team, including 12 BSU students, that produced the Transatlantic Storytelling 2020 documentary (Courtesy: Ball State).

MUNCIE – The task at hand for students of Ball State Sports Link was familiar: Tell a story.

But doing so with the rocky coastline of Wales as a backdrop is a far cry from the familiar university architecture in Muncie.

“It was exciting because it was that real world learning,” says Chris Taylor, the Senior Director of Digital Sports Production at BSU Sports Link. “I think it was awesome for our students to experience that.”

Transatlantic Storytelling 2020 features seven stories of Welsh athletes. Some sports included in the documentary will be familiar to an American audience while others are more unique to the region. Still, the techniques used to tell those stories remains constant.

“You can get so caught up in crazy edits or cool effects and all these different things, but really it’s the story that sticks and that is memorable,” explains Taylor. “When you tie that with sports, sport has the power to unite, and storytelling is often that conduit to how that happens.”

Perhaps the most difficult challenge the BSU Sports Link team faced in producing this sports documentary, even more so than international travel, was piecing it together remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But that challenge was also rewarding.

“I think it really united us too in a sense over the last three to four months,” Taylor states, “because we really lost live sports. We lost a lot of the things that we normally do, so this project was awesome in that sense.”

The project is the product of a partnership between Ball State and Cardiff Metropolitan University, with more trips, and more storytelling, to come in the future.

“We had such great cooperation and we captured such great content when we were there,” Taylor adds, “and it’s really good. We’re still working on some final tweaks and edits right now, as always, but I’m very proud of the project.”

Transatlantic Storytelling 2020 debuts Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. online on Ball State Sports Link’s Twitter (@bsusportslink) and Facebook pages.

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