Which Rex Toy Story toys are best?

Rex is one of the most beloved supporting characters in the Toy Story series. Despite being a tyrannosaurus-rex, he is naturally quite shy and often gets agitated and worried about things. This irony makes Rex a hit with children, as he is one dinosaur they know they don’t need to be afraid of. As a result, toys based on this character are enjoyed by kids worldwide. 

An excellent choice for a Rex toy is a stuffed toy, and the Disney: Toy Story 4: Rex Plush cuddly toy will surely be a big hit.

What to know before you buy a Rex Toy Story toy

Since Toy Story hit the screens way back in 1995, Toy Story toys have been a substantial merchandising success. Children everywhere love the variety of friendly characters they can re-enact scenes with or create new ones from their imaginations. When buying a Rex from Toy Story toy, what should you consider?


Rex is, in fact, a secondary Toy Story character. However, most children will want him to interact with other characters from the franchise. Different toys from different brands may not be readily compatible, so this needs to be considered. There may be a problem with size, as Rex is one of the larger toys in the movies. Matching a small Rex up against a much larger Buzz Lightyear may disappoint and hamper authenticity when playing.


Small parts and sharp teeth may be a concern. Although Rex is a very friendly dinosaur, he was born with sharp teeth! Also, tyrannosaurus-rex arms are small, and articulated limbs may be removed easily from a Rex action figure, becoming a choking hazard. Always pay attention to the manufacturer’s age-range recommendation before purchasing.

Character preference

Mr. Potato Head

Rex is a fantastic choice of character when buying a Toy Story toy. However, your child may prefer another character if they don’t have it already. Buying a Rex when your child has been obsessing about Mr. Potato Head for weeks may lead to disappointment.

What to look for in a quality Rex Toy Story toy


If Rex is bought for play, make sure he is made of sturdy stuff. Rex may very well get bashed around a lot, and a cheap plastic toy may not survive very long. This may also lead to injury, so be sure to read reviews beforehand if buying online.


Rex should look how he does in the movies, and even plush toys are well-detailed nowadays. The detail gives a toy that little extra in making it look as similar as possible to the big-screen versions. Nowadays, molding and sculpting techniques have never been better. Even a budget-friendly Rex toy should be detailed enough to resemble his movie counterpart.


A Rex action figure should have articulation points. Look for movement in the head, jaw, arms and tail. Battery-powered Rex toys will have the necessary points of articulation. Still, they won’t be able to move if the required batteries are not included in the packaging.

How much you can expect to spend on a Rex Toy Story toy

A basic Rex action figure will cost a little more than $10. In contrast, a more articulated, interactive, or battery-powered Rex could cost up to $100.

Rex Toy Story toy FAQ

Is Rex popular enough for my child to be satisfied with a Rex toy?

Buzz Lightyear

A. Rex is a secondary character. However, he is one of the more popular and recognizable ones. Most children will probably prefer a Buzz Lightyear or a Woody for their first Toy Story toy. However, Rex certainly falls into the next level of interest.

What are other popular characters from Toy Story?


A. The main characters are Buzz and Woody, and they will always spark interest in a child. Other significant characters are Mr. Potato head, Slinky Dog, Hamm, Bo Peep, the Aliens (or Little Green Men) and more recently, Forky.

What’s the best Rex Toy Story toy to buy?

Top Rex Toy Story toy

Disney: Toy Story 4: Rex Plush

Disney: Toy Story 4: Rex Plush

What you need to know: A large and cute stuffed toy that will be a monstrous hit at bedtime with young children.

What you’ll love: This plush toy does exactly what it says on the tin: it’s a soft toy for hugging to sleep. It displays vivid color and a happy demeanor and features well-detailed plush sculpturing, which gives Rex a true to character look.

What you should consider: Some reviewers commented that the toy was actually bigger than they expected.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Rex Toy Story toy for the money

Disney: Pixar: Toy Story Rex Figure

Disney: Pixar: Toy Story Rex Figure

What you need to know: A basic action figure of the Toy Story character at a budget-friendly price aimed at children over the age of 3. 

What you’ll love: Rex is included in this range of action figures that won Action Figure of the Year at the prestigious Toy of the Year awards in 2020. Children can collect Rex along with all the other beloved Toy Story characters and create their own worlds and stories.

What you should consider: Some reviewers mentioned that his size is not at the scale he should be compared to other figures in the series.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Disney: Toy Story: Interactive Talking Rex Action Figure

Disney: Toy Story: Interactive Talking Rex Action Figure

What you need to know: This chatty dinosaur has well-known phrases from the movies and is suitable for children over the age of 3.

What you’ll love: This Rex interacts with other compatible Toy Story toys and can exchange phrases upon detection. Points of articulation are featured in the neck, jaw, shoulders and tail so that your child can create poses while Rex interacts with these characters.

What you should consider: The interactive phrases are random and automatic. In other words, don’t expect a fluid conversation.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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