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Which Crocs with fur are best?

Crocs are already among the most comfortable shoes you can wear, so you might think there’s nothing Crocs can do to improve on that. Well, you’d be wrong. Crocs with fur are the step up.

Fur isn’t limited to one type of Crocs, and the design and placement of the fur vary greatly from shoe to shoe. The best Crocs with fur are the Crocs Classic Cozzzy Fuzzy Sandals. The sandal design lets just enough airflow around your feet to cut down on sweating.

What to know before you buy Crocs with fur

Croc with fur types

Crocs with fur come in three types.

  • Clogs are the most common. Most look and feel like standard Crocs clogs, but with a fur lining, though a handful of variants shake things up.
  • Sandals only have one variant. They use two thin top straps, a bit like the large strap of a slide cut in half and spaced apart. Fur lines the interior soles and the underside of these straps.
  • Slippers are lined with fur and have a distinct Crocs style. 


Most Crocs with fur are unisex, though certain designs more often purchased by men or women may be listed using only the applicable sex’s sizes. However, there aren’t any functional differences between the sizes most Crocs have, such as men’s shoes being wider than equal-sized women’s shoes.

A Crocs men’s size is always two smaller than a women’s size. For example, anyone who typically wears a Crocs women’s size 9 can wear a Crocs men’s size 7 without concession. Crocs also makes shoes in children’s sizes.


Crocs with fur have two design elements to consider.

  • Fur placement: Fur always lines any place your feet touch while the shoe is on. Fur can also extend past the collar to make a bushy ring, or it could cover the entire top of the shoe.
  • Color: You can find fur-lined Crocs in just about any solid color. There are also plenty of designs that mix colors or use imagery. You can also customize Crocs if you want something unique.

What to look for in quality Crocs with fur


Jibbitz are special charms that pop into the small holes most Crocs have dotting their surface in some area or another. They come in almost any design you can think of and you can custom order ones that aren’t ready-made. Crocs with fur typically have fewer holes to fill and some designs don’t have any Jibbitz holes at all.

Heel strap

Only clog Crocs with fur come with the classic Crocs heel strap. Some are fur-wrapped but most aren’t. When deciding among them, consider the feeling of fur vs. the usual Crocs material and that fur-covered heel straps don’t have Jibbitz holes.

How much you can expect to spend on Crocs with fur

They typically cost $30-$70 depending on the type, design and the amount and placement of fur. Crocs with fur packaged with a collection of themed Jibbitz typically cost $75 to $100.

Crocs with fur FAQ

How do I wash Crocs with fur?

A. Unlike other Crocs, ones with fur shouldn’t be machine-washed even on a gentle cycle. When you hand-wash them, make a shallow bath of warm water mixed with mild soap in a sink. Let the fur soak up some of the mixture and use a small towel to gently scrub away at any stubborn stains. Use a soft sponge or the same towel to clean non-fur areas.

Leave them on the counter to air dry overnight — don’t use a heat source to speed the drying process along, or you could damage them.

What are Crocs with fur made of?

A. Crocs with fur are made from two materials.

  • The body is made of CrosLite, Crocs’ proprietary material responsible for the high comfort, durability and buoyancy the brand’s shoes are known for. It’s a closed-cell resin that acts like a mixture of foam and rubber.
  • The fur is made from synthetic fibers, which make it vegan-friendly.

What are the best Crocs with fur to buy?

Top Crocs with fur

Best Crocs Classic Cozzzy Fuzzy Sandals

Crocs Classic Cozzzy Fuzzy Sandals

What you need to know: These make unbeatable house slippers.

What you’ll love: The fur covers every inch of the interior and comes up past the edges of the toes and the straps to ensure your feet only touch fur. They come in 10 designs and each shoe has space for seven Jibbitz. Two Jibbitz are included.

What you should consider: Some consumers felt these can get too warm if worn for long, despite the extra breathability. Others had issues with the fur collecting debris.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods

Top Crocs with fur for the money

Best Crocs Classic Fuzz-Lined Clogs

Crocs Classic Fuzz-Lined Clogs

What you need to know: These are great for keeping your feet warm on colder days out.

What you’ll love: Besides the fur, the only other difference between this and the standard clog is the front ventilation holes aren’t present. You still have space for 13 Jibbitz on each shoe, you still have the heel strap and you still have plenty of designs to choose from.

What you should consider: Some customers wished the fur were thicker. Others found the fur took days to dry after being washed. A few suggested ordering a size larger to account for the fur.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods

Worth checking out

Best Crocs Fur Sure Clogs

Crocs Fur Sure Clogs

What you need to know: These are meant for people who love the way fur looks.

What you’ll love: These clogs have two heel straps. One is fur-wrapped and usable on its own while the other is typically left facing the front of the shoe, but can be brought backward to sit behind the fur-wrapped strap for extra support; it also has four Jibbitz holes.

What you should consider: A few purchasers felt these lacked arch support. Others had issues with the interior fuzz bunching up. They’re difficult to clean.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods 

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