INDIANAPOLIS — As the summer travel season continues to bring increased numbers of passengers through Indianapolis International Airport, the Transportation Security Administration has installed state-of-the-art Computed Tomography checkpoint scanners at every lane.

TSA says the technology will provide officers 3-D views that they can stretch and rotate to identify any prohibited or dangerous items inside bags.

Because they can see in the bags more easily, this results in fewer bag checks for passengers, who also no longer need to remove 3-1-1 liquids or electronics.

Some lanes were temporarily closed and passengers might have experienced both the old and new technology over the past few months, depending on what lane they were going through.

TSA will provide a demo of the new tech in action and walk through the new passenger checkpoint experience.

Passengers who are prepared and not carrying prohibited items go through TSA screening faster and are crucial to minimizing wait times. The airport is expecting high volumes of passengers throughout the summer, and travelers departing IND are urged to give themselves plenty of time and consider every step of their travel journey.