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Which iPad mini kids’ case is best?

While iPad minis cost less than many tablets, they still cost several hundred dollars. If you are about to or already have purchased one for the child in your life, it’s important to choose a durable case to protect it from accidents.

Many companies now make sturdy cases for the iPad mini designed to appeal to children and parents. An excellent option is the Ledniceker Kids Case for iPad mini, which comes in seven colors, features strong protective foam and has an easy-grip handle so your child can take it anywhere. 

What to know before you buy an iPad mini kids’ case

Which iPad mini do you have?

At the time of writing, Apple has released six models of iPad mini. Most iPad kids’ cases are designed to fit the first five models. However, the fit may not be perfect, because each iPad mini model is slightly different. The most recent sixth-generation iPad mini had a larger redesign, so if that’s the model you have, you’ll need to look for a newer case. Most cases include the model numbers of iPads they fit with. If yours matches, you should be fine.

What makes a case for kids?

Most iPad mini cases look and act similarly — but not kids cases. Kids cases’ central design decision is to protect the device from drops. They use ultravivid colors and come in kooky shapes to attract kids’ attention and desire. Many also have easy-carry elements like no-slip coatings or handles.

What to look for in a quality iPad mini kids’ case

Drop protection

Drop protection is the biggest concern for kids’ cases and is usually handled the same way: by being as large and bulky as possible without making it difficult to hold. Plastic, polyurethane and EVA foam are the most common materials used as they’re cheap, light and effective. It’s difficult to measure how protective a case is against drops. The best way is to check user reviews or search for video drop tests of your prospective case.

Screen protection

Screen protection is hit or miss with iPad mini kids’ cases. Most don’t offer additional protection at all, hoping the bulky drop protection will save the screen. Some do have integrated protection using a thin protective sheet, but these can make it difficult for the screen to register touch and thus frustrate your child. The best allow a fraction of an amount of extra space so that you can apply a separate screen protector without causing the case to no longer fit.


A majority of your kid’s activity is likely to be watching videos, TV shows and movies. Make sure your prospective case has some kind of kickstand so your child can prop it up.

How much you can expect to spend on an iPad mini kids’ case

The best part about iPad mini kids’ cases is their low price. The priciest kids case is $25-$30, while most cost $15-$20.

iPad mini kids’ case FAQ

What ages are iPad mini kids’ cases meant for?

A. It’s difficult to pin down a general starting and ending age. Ignoring the wider discussion of how old a child should be before they’re given an iPad, cases should have you covered once they’re 2 or 3 years old. Children mature at different speeds, so one 8-year old might be measured enough to properly handle a standard case before a given 10-year-old. Then there’s the possibility that your child may grow to dislike the design of kids cases at different ages. Your 9-year old may think handles get in the way or that the colors are gaudy while your 11-year old doesn’t care as long as they can play Minecraft.

Will an iPad mini kids’ case block the audio or the camera?

A. No, all iPad mini cases for any age are carefully designed so as not to prevent the basic functions of the device. That said, some cases can make it more difficult to access certain buttons or slightly cover the camera lens.

Can I charge the iPad mini while its kids’ case is on?

A. Yes, the charging port will not be inaccessible with a kids’ case on. It may, however, be difficult to access — especially if you’ve purchased a case that isn’t designed for the model of iPad mini you have.

What’s the best iPad mini kids’ case to buy?

Top iPad mini kids’ case 

Ledniceker Kids Case For iPad Mini

Ledniceker Kids Case for iPad mini

What you need to know: This case is colorful and very effective when it comes to protecting the device from drops.

What you’ll love: It comes in seven bright colors to fit your child’s favorite and is made from thick EVA foam for maximum drop protection and minimal weight. It also has an easy-carry handle and tough kickstands. Cutouts make sure not to interfere with the speaker or camera.

What you should consider: It’s listed as fitting iPad mini models 1-5, but the fit is a little different for each — yours may slide around or struggle to close.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top iPad mini kids’ case for the money

Suplik iPad Mini Case for Kids

Suplik iPad mini Case for Kids

What you need to know: This model offers quality drop protection and comes with a free screen protector.

What you’ll love: It’s made of EVA foam and rubber for strong drop protection and the bonus screen protector is perfect for preventing scratches. It has a nonslip grip around the handle and has two heavy-duty kickstands. It works for iPad Mini generations 1-5.

What you should consider: You need to apply the screen protector — a process that can be difficult and time-consuming to do properly.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

TopEsct Kids Case for iPad Mini

TopEsct Kids Case for iPad mini

What you need to know: Made of nonslip and anti-dust silicone, it features multisided handles that are great for the youngest kids.

What you’ll love: It’s compatible with iPad mini generations 1-5 and comes in nearly 10 vibrant colors. It includes a strap that can secure to the case and around a car headrest to become a traveling TV. 

What you should consider: The volume buttons and silencer switch are underneath one handle and can be difficult to get to. It’s minimally protective of the screen.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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