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Which Puma socks are best?

Unless you’re training to run a marathon barefoot, chances are you wear socks and shoes while exercising. Puma is an excellent brand, and its athletic socks can help you keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable. They come in plenty of styles, so chances are good you’ll find something you like.

The best Puma socks are the Puma Men’s Eight-Pack Low-Cut Socks. They’re soft and comfortable with a low ankle, so you can wear them with anything without worrying about your style being cramped.

What to know before you buy Puma socks


Sock sizing is a little different than shoe sizing but is tied to it nonetheless. Most socks are sized 9-11 or 10-13, including Puma’s. Socks sized 9-11 typically fit men’s shoes sizes 3.5-8.5 or women’s shoes sizes 5-10. Socks sized 10-13 typically fit men’s shoe sizes 8-13 or women’s shoe sizes 9.5-14.5. Puma also offers a size 10, which essentially means it’s one-size-fits-all.


Puma socks are rarely sold as individual pairs. Even its best, most advanced socks typically come in two-pair sets. Most Puma socks come in three- or four-pair sets. Be careful when shopping, though, as many Puma sock sets are marketed by going off the number of individual socks included instead of the number of pairs. For example, a “six-pack” of Puma socks likely means it contains only three pairs.

What to look for in quality Puma socks

Ankle length

Puma socks come in a variety of ankle lengths, with the most comfortable coming down to preference.

  • Liner socks line the edges of the foot and don’t come any further up than just past the toes. 
  • No-show socks end below the ankle. They’re best for those who don’t like to show any sock, but they might let the collar of your shoe rub uncomfortably against your skin.
  • Ankle socks end just above the ankle. They don’t peek out any farther from the shoe than to stop the collar from rubbing.
  • Crew socks go a few inches past the ankle. Many compression socks are crew socks.
  • Knee-high socks go all the way up the calf and stop just below the knee. These are a big fashion statement but don’t have any other major benefits.


Puma socks typically come in black, white and gray. However, all of these have flares of color such as red, blue and yellow. There’s also the occasional specialty design that bucks all the trends.

How much you can expect to spend on Puma socks

They can cost as little as $5 or as much as $40. Most sets of several pairs cost $10-$20. Large sets or sets of specialty socks typically cost $25-$35.

Puma socks FAQ

Is there a difference between men’s and women’s Puma socks?

A. Yes, though it’s slight. Men’s sizes tend to be a little larger and wider than women’s, but it’s often negligible thanks to the elastic shrinking onto the foot anyway. Women’s sizes are also more likely to sport colorful designs; men’s tend to only be black, white or gray.

What are the benefits of athletic socks?

A. Most of Puma’s socks are categorized for athletic use, which means they have some key benefits over other sock types.

  • Moisture control: Athletic socks use a variety of means to better control how your feet sweat. The most common is using absorbent or moisture-wicking materials. This not only boosts your overall comfort, but can also limit bacterial growth so your socks and feet smell less or not at all.
  • Fit: Athletic socks ride the line between thick and thin. Often, Puma socks are thicker on the bottom for extra cushioning and comfort, but thin on the top and up the ankle for a better feel inside your shoe.
  • Support: The extra thickness on the bottom for cushioning is common, yes, but so is arch support. This is typically accomplished using light compression in the arch area and is helpful for every arch type, not just high ones.

What are the best Puma socks to buy?

Top Puma socks 

Puma Mens Eight-Pack Low Cut Socks.jpg

Puma Men’s Eight-Pack Low-Cut Socks

What you need to know: These low-ankles are the perfect all-around socks.

What you’ll love: They’re made of polyester for breathability and moisture control, with a touch of spandex for fit and to maintain their shape. Most consumers found them to have just the right thickness and softness. They come in four designs and two size ranges.

What you should consider: They don’t have arch support and the polyester can get warm on hot days. Eight socks are included, not eight pairs of socks.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Puma socks for the money

Puma Womens Six-Pack Runner Socks

Puma Women’s Six-Pack Runner Socks

What you need to know: These are designed for runners, but you can wear them for anything.

What you’ll love: They use mostly rayon, with some polyester mixed in for better-than-average softness and a decreased chance of irritation. It makes them thinner, too, so as to better slip into your shoes. They also use a touch of spandex and come in 12 designs.

What you should consider: Some customers found them too tight. Others wished they breathed a little more or were thinner.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Puma Mens Six-Pack Crew Socks

Puma Men’s Six-Pack Crew Socks

What you need to know: Check these socks out if you prefer high ankles.

What you’ll love: These hold their shape well on the lower calf over time, rather than stretching out as lesser socks do. They have a nice thickness on the bottom to provide a little cushioning. They come in four designs and two size ranges.

What you should consider: A few purchasers found the elastic too tight on the lower calf. Others had issues with sweating on warm days.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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