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Which Under Armour pants are best?

Under Armour is a well-known brand for sports and fitness enthusiasts. Just like its sporting equipment, Under Armour apparel provides features that help athletic performance, including moisture-wicking material and flexible movement. They also have pants to fit a wide range of sizes.

If you want a combination of comfort and performance, the Under Armour Woven Vital Workout Pants are a great choice. They combine fabrics designed for active lifestyles with designs that look just as great off the court or field.

What to know before you buy Under Armour pants

Why Under Armour pants are expensive

These premium pants are more expensive than some other brands but last through multiple seasons and are designed for maximum durability, even with an active lifestyle. Pants made with ripstop fabric are the most expensive but don’t tear even when snagged or caught on something. Considering that they will last for years, spending a bit more initially on Under Armour pants can actually be a better value over time.

Designed for sports

Most Under Armour pants can be worn for any active activity, but some are designed for specific uses. Golf pants and lightweight tech pants are ideal for outdoor use in hot weather. Fleece pants work for cooler climates or lounging.

Some pants can be used for sports and day-to-day wear, with features such as pockets and belt loops to be dressed up or down. Under Armour also makes uniform pants, including multiple styles of baseball and softball pants.

Designs for the family

Under Armour makes pants for men, women and kids. Not all styles are available for the entire family and most pants are not unisex. Women’s pants are often more fitted than men’s. Kids’ pants come in smaller sizes and have adjustable waistbands to extend their wearability.

What to look for in quality Under Armour pants


Because Under Armour pants are made for active lifestyles, most of their pants are made with performance fabrics. These include moisture-wicking tech fabric, polyester and fleece. Some have mesh linings as well. Look for a fabric that suits your environment. Lightweight, breathable fabrics work best for hot days and fleece provides warmth without limiting your movement.


Quality athletic pants are fitted enough to allow a broad range of movement. Under Armour pants can be fitted at the ankle, such as jogger pants, or looser throughout with a straight leg. There are plenty of sizes and tall options for the best fit for every body type. Elastic waistbands are the most flexible, while button closures give a polished look.


If you sweat a lot while you work out or play sports, look for lightweight pants that don’t trap heat. Even Under Armour’s fitted pants made with performance fabrics have plenty of breathability. Four-way stretch fabric is flexible for width and length, retaining its shape and size even as you bend and move. This helps maintain airflow while you are active.

Practical features

If you plan to wear your pants on the go, look for a pair with pockets for your keys or phone. Most Under Armour pants have pockets, but they can range from two open pockets to four with button closures. Some pants even include cargo pockets for maximum utility. Leggings, most common for women and kids, are pocketless but the least bulky.

How much you can expect to spend on Under Armour pants

Expect to spend $30-$80 on adult Under Armour pants. Prices are based on fabric, fit and extra performance features.

Under Armour pants FAQ

Is Under Armour reliable?

A. Yes. The longtime brand has a reputation for maintaining quality in its designs and workmanship. Its pants last for years and include a 60-day return policy if you change your mind. The durable fabrics resist tearing and wear even during extreme sports.

Does Under Armour make kids products?

A. While the best-selling Under Armour pants are designed for men, there’s also a durable line of kids apparel. It’s expensive but can hold up to rough wear and play, often passed down to younger siblings due to its durability. Many Under Armour kids pants are sold with matching tops or jackets.

What are the best Under Armour pants to buy?

Top Under Armour pants

Under Armour Men's Woven Vital Workout Pants

Under Armour Men’s Woven Vital Workout Pants

What you need to know: The ripstop fabric is durable, machine-washable and provides a layer between you and the elements so you can get years of use out of these pants.

What you’ll love: Sizes run from extra-small to 4XL, with a tall option in each size. The straight-leg fit is comfortable during workouts, sports or casual activities.

What you should consider: The fabric makes a swishing sound as you walk or move.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Under Armour pants for the money

Under Armour Rival Fleece Joggers

Under Armour Rival Fleece Joggers

What you need to know: The multiple color options work for team sports or individual use, with corresponding styles for men, women and kids.

What you’ll love: The jogger style is on-trend while keeping your pants away from your feet while you run or play sports. There are also matching jackets to complete your look or use as uniforms.

What you should consider: The fleece interior can get hot.

Where to buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods, Macy’s and Amazon

Worth checking out

Under Armour Men's Tech Pants

Under Armour Men’s Tech Pants

What you need to know: These are dressy enough to go to the office or play golf, but still have moisture-wicking fabric and plenty of stretch for those who prefer the comfort of activewear.

What you’ll love: The four pocket design provides space for your keys, wallet and any other essentials, while still keeping the sporty design.

What you should consider: The lightweight fabric is thin.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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