INDIANAPOLIS — A “Fresh and Fit” podcast co-host, “The #1 Male Self Improvement Podcast in the World!” according to their Twitter bio, is receiving a lot of backlash due to his most recent appearance on the podcast “Off The Record” hosted by DJ Akademiks with guest, Instagram model, Brittany Renner.

Renner appeared on the latest episode of “Off the Record” as a guest alongside the two hosts of the Fresh and Fit podcast, Myron Gaines and Walker Weekes. Gaines was the one specifically who was confronted by Renner during their appearance on “Off the Record” for saying that Renner was “a girl that he warns guys about”.

“You said that you warn guys about girls like me, so tell me about girls like me,” Renner said to Gaines. “So now that we’re face-to-face…what kind of girl am I?”

“You’re not special, you’re like other girls,” Gaines replied quickly. “You operate like a lot of other women.”

“And how do I operate?” replied Renner.

“Like I said before, it’s a dance between the two genders: men are trying to get sex, and women are trying to get resources, time, attention, whatever it is,” said Gaines.

This specific clip blew up on Twitter and #BrittanyRenner was trending due to this situation.

The comments section on the video also blew up with many commenting on Gaines’ “misogyny” and “insecurities”. One user wrote, “The fact that they belittled her VALID & INTELLECTUAL points to ‘triggered’ or ’emotional’ shows the misogynistic values and thought processed they clearly hold on to from their childhood which is actually extremely sad.”

Another user commented, “It’s old school misogyny that goes back centuries. The funny thing is there a lot of men who get heavily passionate when discussing things that mean something to them. Politicians for example, and they’ll never be called emotional for standing up for what they believe in.”

The “Fresh and Fit” podcast allegedly aims to inspire men to self-improve through understanding how dating and women “operate”. This has not been the only instance in which Gaines has received backlash for something he has said on-air to a woman.

On a recent episode of “Fresh and Fit”, Gaines and Weekes hosted rapper Asian Doll, along with others. Gaines was criticized on social media for disrespecting Asian Doll for having side conversations during the podcast. Neither of these two episodes, the one with Renner or the one with Asian Doll, have been deleted.