‘Your heart just drops’: Decatur Township dogs go on their own ‘Homeward Bound’ adventure

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DECATUR TOWNSHIP, Ind. -- A pair of dogs accidentally escape from home only to survive injury and 26-hours in the frigid cold. Their owners thought they would never see them again.“Your heart just drops to your stomach thinking, 'Oh my gosh, are they dead?'" owner Emily McGill said of her dogs Shandy and Missy.

The two ladies bolted from their Decatur Township home when an inspector left the gate open. The family is moving in three weeks, and knew they were in a race against the clock. At times, their story can sound like a movie script.

“Like that homeward bound movie in the 90s," Adam McGill joked to his wife.

The dogs traveled two miles in an hour, and eventually came upon some goats at a farm.

“When the owner of the farm came out she grabbed Shandy, and when she tried to grab Shandy,  Missy tried to bite her," Adam said.

“She said that they were headed towards soccer fields," Emily stated.

The McGill's believe Missy eventually became caught in a coyote trap, which severely injured her leg and tail. The tail is broken in many places, and the elbow on one of her hind legs was stripped to the bone. Veterinarians told the couple it looked as though she had struggled to get free for a while, which likely lead to further damage.

“I even had to cut a little piece of flesh off because it was dangling by nothing," Emily McGill said.Through single-digit temperatures, Shandy never left her side until the two were spotted 26-hours later.

“He’s like, 'Stop, stop, stop I see them,'" Emily said Adam was yelling. “At first I was like, I don’t believe it he probably saw a deer or something. It was like a giant field, some farm houses, and they were way out there. They were tiny. He got out of the car immediately. I don’t  think the car was even stopped yet. We called their names, and they just, like, literally ran to us.”

“I guess one of the biggest things is, don’t give up, because they’re out there," Adam said.

The dogs are back home, and Missy is recovering. The family hopes their story will give hope to everyone who is searching for a lost pet.

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