WWII medals reconnected with New Castle family after homeless shelter find them in drawer

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NEW CASTLE, Ind. — A New Castle family received their uncle’s long-lost World War 2 medals—all thanks to some great people in their community.

Someone at the “Guest House Men’s Shelter” was going through a drawer when they found a box of World War 2 medals and an inscribed bracelet belonging to Gerald W. Wilson. After posting a picture on Facebook, they finally found Wilson’s niece and nephew.

“We started doing a little more digging, went to the VA, and they told us about the medals, what they were,” Mark Joplin, director of the shelter said. “We couldn’t find any relatives for him, so we posted it on Facebook and from that point, we started getting information.”

On Friday, they picked up the medals, talked about the memories they have of their uncle, and the importance of finding these historic family heirlooms.

“We saw on Facebook the medals and things that were found at the center here. We were shocked. My brother contacted me and said hey I think they found Uncle Gerald’s medals from WWII,” Jill Chambers said. “It brought back a lot of memories from when we were kids and they were around.”

Joplin says its important to have ties to your family.

“Being a homeless shelter, we recognize the importance of having your ties to family that may not be around any longer,” Joplin said. “Knowing that you can bring some closure or even a little memory back to them about their loved one, it makes you feel pretty good knowing that you’ve helped someone out.”

The family donated the medals to the Henry County Historical Society, the same county Wilson lived in for most of his life.

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