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The developments in Afghanistan may be impacting the U.S. veterans who served there. The Wounded Warrior Project, a veteran support non-profit, is working to give extra help and resources.  

The organization helps veterans transition from military service to civilian life. 

In addition to the services they already provide, they are increasing the support available through their resource center and mental health triage team. 

Wounded Warrior Project CEO and retired Lieutenant General from the U.S. Army, Mike Linnington says they have concerns for those who served in Afghanistan. 

He thinks the withdrawal from the country and the uncertainty of the future for those who are there will trigger issues for some veterans. 

“We’re concerned today as we’ve ever been to make sure the warriors who are transitioning, especially those who have served in Afghanistan, have all of the services and programs available to them to help them heal, mind, body, and spirit,” said Linnington. 

The message they have for those who served in Afghanistan is thank you. He says it was the first time in our nation’s history that a major conflict was fought by all volunteers. 

Linnington says the country can let them know their service mattered, by doing things like reaching out and checking in and make sure the veterans they know are doing ok. 

“We have a saying over at the Wounded Warrior Project: ‘The greatest casualty is being forgotten.’ And I think right now our veterans need to know that the communities from which they came, when they raised their hands and said, ‘take me’, are there for them as they return.”  

The organization is also putting out special messaging through social media and making outreach calls to veterans. 

The group is working with other veteran organizations in the veteran and military services community to make sure they have connections to high-quality mental health support.