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A central Indiana woman is on a mission to help families in need city-wide. 

After hearing the tragic story on CBS4 of one family who lost everything in a fire, she’s added them to her efforts to give back.  

Jenny Morehead put out a call on social media. She originally did it as part of her annual project to adopt just one family in need for the holidays but says it has expanded well beyond. 

“It’s been a rough year,” said Morehead. 

Morehead originally set out to help just one family but the response she got encouraged her to enlist more people to help several families. 

“Then it was just absolutely amazing that so many people volunteered to help these families,”  she said. 

This includes the family she saw on CBS4. A fire destroyed their home on Indy’s southwest side a few weeks ago

Now, she and the group of volunteers she found through social media are gathering gifts for multiple households. 

“It’s incredibly sad when you feel like you’ve lost everything and it’s also close to the holidays, you know. It just makes it extra hard,” Morehead said. 

She’s compiling both essentials and non-essentials for the family who lost everything. 

“Just trying to provide them with things that they need but also things that they just would like to have and so they can experience a nice Christmas like the rest of us,” she said. 

Dr. Ashwani Sharma saw Jenny’s post and wanted to help.  

“This is a disaster. Somebody lost everything in the fire, and I think people are very generous, very nice here and they come forward when somebody asks for help,” said Sharma. 

He wasn’t able to connect with the group he normally helps with due to COVID. So, he says this was a great way to still give back. 

“It’s just amazing how people are involved when somebody needs help, and they come forward and help each other,” Sharma said. 

Jenny says she’s still taking volunteers who want to help. She’s asking that donations be made by Friday, December 10. If you’re interested submit a form with your information here to get connected.