INDIANAPOLIS – Some neighbors on the southwest side say they are spooked after a salesman  walking door-to-door was reportedly seen entering a home without permission, waking the person inside.

Some neighbors took him up on his offer of business.

“I opened the door. He looked fine. No problems at all,” said neighbor Jim Newman.  

While others say he went into one neighbor’s home without permission

“She told us that her daughter woke up to the dog barking. She came out and the guy was inside with the door shut on his phone,” said one neighbor.

A neighbor who wished not to go on camera but shared her ring doorbell video with says a police report was filed and she interviewed with police along with several neighbors.

IMPD was not able to provide details due to the ongoing investigation.

“That is terrifying. I have children. What if we were asleep or what if they were just trying to see what is going on in this house before they came back later when everyone is gone or asleep,” said the neighbor.

“I was somewhat shocked because it was totally different from what I experience,” said Newman.

With the weather warming up, the Better Business Bureau says more solicitors could be knocking on your door.

“One, you don’t have to open the door if you don’t want to,” said Jennifer Adamany with the BBB.

But, if you do, there are things you should know to decipher who is legit and who’s not.

“You want to ask about their licensing. A lot of cities require that door-to-door salespeople have a solicitor’s license,” said Adamany.

“Ask for their identification. They would be able to provide a photo ID, maybe a business card.”

Adamany says if you are unsure, take time to do the research yourself and ask them to come back.

If they insert themselves and try to impose themselves into your home, and you do not want them to, threaten to call police. If they still don’t then actually call the police,” said Adamany.

The pest control company says an internal investigation has begun into the allegations of an independent contractor. In a statement, the company says, “We prioritize the safety and wellbeing of our customers and community members above all else, and take any such allegations very seriously.”