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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- Authorities say a woman was getting ready to take a bath at her apartment this past weekend when she noticed something odd inside a ceiling air vent.

The wife told the officer she looked up and noticed that a vent covering an air duct on the ceiling was loose. She then called her husband in to fix it. When he took a look at the vent, he reportedly could see the camera connected to wires and a nine-volt battery.

Police say this all happened at the Northampton Village apartments on the city’s east side. Investigators aren’t sure whether the camera was recording or transmitting any of the images it may have seen.

“It’s an invasion of privacy,” said IMPD Sergeant Kendale Adams. “We’re in our homes, our most sacred place and you have someone who has apparently invaded that space.”

Authorities haven’t said whether they have identified any suspects. The camera is currently being analyzed by investigators. The husband of the woman who noticed the camera said he couldn’t talk about what happened until he got an attorney. A manager on-duty at the apartment complex said she had no comment on the incident.

Police say the investigation is ongoing, but are asking other residents of the apartment to search their own units carefully and be vigilant.